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WendyWitch pagan celebrant

About Me

White Witch, Pagan Celebrant, Enthusiastic Gardener, Avid Reader, Nature Lover

Hello. I'm Wendy. I'm a White Witch and Celebrant. I have been pagan all my life. My beliefs and skills have been passed down through generations and I'm proud of my heritage.


I live aboard Narrowboat Merly B with my husband and a mad dog. We chug up and down the Grand Union Canal conducting Pagan Ceremonies, creating Magic Spells, giving Tarot readings, and selling plants. There's always a plant stall outside the boat, which has raised hundreds of pounds for The Huntingdon's Disease Association. I enjoy reading, gardening (on the roof), and walking the countryside towpaths.  

My Wendy Witch business began in 2000, when I started reading the Tarot for others, helping friends and neighbours with magic spells and celebrating the 8 sabbats during the year.

If you are in the Milton Keynes area, give me a call to find out where I am moored. I am always happy to put the kettle on, especially if you bring cake.

Blessed Be,

Wendy xxx

What People Say

I really enjoyed my reading today, I highly recommend! Everything I had playing on my mind feels so much more at ease now, I feel energised and like the universe has given be guidance Thank you Wendy


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