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Home Blessings

A home should be somewhere you feel safe and  comfortable. A place you can escape to when life is giving you a hard time, and also a place where you can welcome friends and family for significant events, or just tea and cake.


Not every house is a home, however. Sometimes we can sense the energies left by the previous occupants, and nothing we do can make us feel settled there.


Whenever we move into a new home, there's a celebration and cards are sent, but some people like to go further and have their home blessed - to clear out the old energies and bring good fortune into their new dwelling.  Many people also like to rebless their homes after altering them with building work.

As with all my ceremonies, you can make your blessing a huge party, or a intimate occasion.  The choice is yours.

If you are moving into a new home soon, or would like your existing home blessed, please get in touch.


"With this candlelight we bring truth and wisdom, with this sweet perfume we bring peace and harmony."

  Home Blessing.

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