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Magic Spells

Do you believe in magic?  You should! Not the magic you see on a stage - I have never sawn anyone in half! I mean the magic of bringing about good things as a result of setting your intent and giving the universe a nudge. As a White Witch, my spells are all made to bring about better circumstances - whether in love, money, jobs, or home life.   I make spells for everyone, young and old and for all occasions. I make all the spells myself and I always take the moon's phases into consideration. So, I make Love Spells and Wealth Spells during a waxing moon, Banishing Spells during a waning moon. 

*** Due to the current situation I am unable to post spells. However, I am happy to email instructions if you'd like to have a go at casting.  This is free of charge but as I raise money for the Huntington's Disease Association, a donation to the charity would be appreciated.  You can donate by clicking 

Thank you ***


All my spells are gift wrapped with all the ingredients and instructions included.  Most contain candles and others have incense, herbs, gemstones and lucky charms. They make excellent presents, especially for parties and stocking fillers at Hallowe'en and Christmas, birthdays, christenings, weddings or just as a special gift. 

The instructions are simple to follow and everything you need is included. You can cast your spell whenever and wherever you wish. 

The Spells


Talisman for Wealth and Abundance
A pretty and effective spell using a purple candle, incense. a numerology talisman.  An excellent gift, an old and traditional spell for those who are truly deserving.

A Spell to Renew Your Vows
A beautiful spell for people who are truly in love.  It works for all couples whether married or committed to each other.  The spell takes one lunar month to complete and contains amethysts, lovely scent, a candle and seeds that will grow with your love. 

Revive a Lustreless Relationship
 A beautiful spell using a candle, scent and rose quartz in an easy ritual to put a little (or a lot!) of spice into your love life.  Can be used again and again and again...

Snakeskin Spell - Enhance your love life
A very powerful spell using real snakeskin to give your love life lots of sparkle.  It is suitable for those seeking liasons or those already in a relationship.  Great for increasing libido. 

See Your Future Partner
Who is your romantic future?   Open your inner eye with this dreamy spell.  It uses relaxing rose tea, scent and instructions to help you visualize your future.  It makes a lovely gift. 

Love Talisman - Find and Attract Love
Rose quartz enhances your love vibes.  This powerful ritual will help you attract your perfect match.  It involves a simple ritual with scent, flame and images of love.  Perhaps you know someone who would benefit from this spell.  It would be the perfect present for someone you care about too.

Crystal Spell - To Choose Between 2 lovers
Stuck between 2 lovers or can't decide who to date?  This spell will give you the answer in your dreams.  It contains rose quartz, a candle and lovely incense to help you make up your mind. 

Call your Guardian Angel

A very popular spell, especially for children, as it protects against nightmares, bullying, lack of confidence and even teenage angst.  It will make you fee safe and happy.  Also very effective for grown ups!  It contains A moonstone, white candle, a feather and an easy ritual. 

A Ritual for Fertility 
 This spell puts you at ease with the forces of nature and therefore aids conception.  A lovely peaceful ritual for women to perform safely and comfortably.  It uses a moonstone and mistletoe along with the moon's cycle.  Very relaxing and soothing.

Red Bracelet Spell

An easy spell.  Make a bracelet to place under baby's crib.  This is a common custom in many cultures all over the world.  It makes a lovely present and bestows lots of luck and good fortune onto babies.  

Bay Leaf Cradle Charm
Bring blessings to a new baby.  Contains everything you need to make a magic charm to place on baby's crib, and makes a lovely gift.  It uses an ancient rhyme to bring luck into all areas of a new life.

Plant Spell for Family Harmony

A lovely spell for flower lovers young and old.  Love-in-a-mist (nigella) is a beautiful plant and grows well in most conditions.  Great fun and very rewarding.  It contains Love-in-a-mist seeds, a green candle and a charcoal disc.  An easy to follow ritual.

Four Winds Spell - For Harmonious Living

 This spell is ancient. It will bring peace and harmony to all areas of your life. It contains frankincense and a silken cord for 'knotting' - a method used by witches for hundreds of years.

Charm for Employment

A Charm to take to interviews.  It contains herbs, an employment spell, cloth and ribbon to make a pouch to pop in your pocket.  This charm will bring luck and confidence to the interviewee.

Good Career Ritual
Acorns represent achievement, effort and growth.  This spell uses an acorn to help hardworking and ambitious people to reach their goals.  It contains a green candle. silver coin and a simple ritual to perform.


A Spell to Sell Your House
Use a little bit of magic to help to sell your house.  This cleansing and purifying spell will make your house feel happy and welcoming to prospective buyers.  The simple ritual involves placing a candle, scent and a tiger's eye in various places in your home.  This spell is very effective with loads of positive feedback.

A Spell for Safety in World Travel
Make an amulet for yourself or loved one to wish them good luck while travelling.  The ritual uses a candle and incense for the spell, and a bead on leather for the traveller to wear.

 A Spell for World Peace and a Pure Environment
Join in the stream of universal energy and make your own little part of the world brighter.  This spell contains a blue bead (the world), green leaf (environment), feather (peace) and a white candle.

Banish Unhealthy Habits
Want to give up smoking, biting your nails, twiddling your hair or sucking your thumb?  With a little bit of willpower this spell will help you banish those bad habits.  Or perhaps you know someone who would benefit from this spell.  Get rid of bad habits once and for all!

Talisman for Protection
An easy and powerful spell for protection from all kinds of negative forces.  It uses an ancient magic square talisman to protect against bad luck, harmful people and unnerving situations.  It contains a white candle, The Sator Talisman, frankincense and black silk.

Casting a spell

All spells are £5.00 each, which includes a £1.00 donation to The Huntingdon's Disease Association.  Post and packaging is £3.95. 


You must be sixteen years or over to buy a magic spell.

All my spells are fun and easy to use. They are created using good energies and are not harmful or negative in any way.  You will probably feel happy and calm after casting the spell.

If you have any problems or want to know more about your spell please contact me.

Remember - never leave a burning candle unattended.   

As I use a lot of recycled material, colours may vary. 

Casting Your Spell

Before casting your spell, be sure that you are in a fair mood. 

Be calm and full of willing to make it work.  

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. 

Switch off the television, radio and all unnatural lighting.

Take time with your spell, breathe slowly and steadily.  


Read the instructions before you begin and make sure you have everything you need in front of you.

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